Spectacled Bear

Also known as the Andean Bear, the spectacled bear is named this way due to the white patches that encircle its eyes similar to eyeglasses. These lines are different in every bear and not all have them.

The spectacled bear is the only species of bear in South America. It’s a shy species that climbs to the heights of the Andes and only descends in search of food.

The Andean bear is in vulnerable state. This is mainly because its habitat has been destroyed and torn in half by highways and oil pipelines. Additionally, farmers kill them when they eat their crops and poachers hunt them for meat and body parts.


Margay is a small feline similar in size to domestic cats. It is carnivorous and it uses its fangs and pointy teeth to eat its prey.

Plate- billed mountain toucan

This bird lives in the Andes mountain range in a height between 1200-2600 meters. The toucan normally lives in couples or small groups.


The hummingbird is the smallest bird that has been discovered which is why sometimes it is called the “fly bird”. There are various species of hummingbird and depending on the specie it can move its wings between 720-5400 times per minute. It’s the only bird that can fly backwards.

There are various types of hummingbird in the cloud forest. If you want to know more about the status of a specific species click here:

Glass frog

This fascinating animal carries its name due to its transparent abdominal skin. If you look at it from below, you can see its heartbeat. Find it perched on trees eating small insects.


The olinguito was identified in 2013 after being confused for various years with the olingo. It is the smallest member of the raccoon family and lives in the tress of the cloud forest.

Mountain Tapir

The mountain tapir is the smallest tapir species and the one that has the highest risk of becoming endangered. The agile tapir climbs the Andes and uses his trunk to eat fruits.